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you don’t remember why you liked her
you never really liked her at all

but yes, you did

you liked the way she made you feel
like you were special

she saw something in you
you couldn’t see

she was like one of your fantasies

she put a smile on your face

you needed someone
she was there


when you realised she was real
you got scared
your feelings weren’t as strong as hers

sometimes you wondered if you even had any feelings
but yes, of course you did

but you can get so numb

you needed someone to touch you but no one was there
her words were there though, so they would do

so you convinced yourself you couldn’t stop it
you didn’t want to

but you were helping her digging her grave
deeper and deeper

you felt guilty
but you swore, you did feel something
you did care

it’s just that you worry too much about your future
it’s just that you’re a negative person
it’s just that you’re realistic
it’s just that you can’t
it’s just that she doesn’t understand

it’s just that you’re not willing to risk it

you hate hurting people

you wish you could tell her what she wants to hear

but you can’t

but you’re too different

she’s beginning to fade away
her words are not enough

this needs to stop
it needed to stop before it began
but you swore you couldn’t

you swore you tried

you were selfish

and you’re willing to live with that

because, you swear, you care

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the field was flooded and the sky was grey